Sherri Shepherd is in the fight of her life with this husband of hers, when things go bad, they really really go bad. So apparently Sherri is being forced to sign the birth certificate of the child she is having this month via surrogate.

Lamar Sally, the husband, is trying to force her hand by drafting legal documentation to prevent Sherri Shepard from ‘renigging’ on the deal.

Say it aint so Sherri, they say a child shall lead them, and once that baby gets here it will be interesting to see what these bitter adults do.

According to Sally, Sherri Shepherd will be sued if she doesn’t embrace the child she’s having this month via surrogate and he is already drafting legal docs to prevent Sherri from backing out of the surrogate contract she signed while they were still a couple.

As TMZ first reported:

.. Sherri claims Lamar defrauded her into signing the contract… claiming he knew he wanted out of the marriage but wanted to hook her into paying child support.  She wants the contract voided on grounds of fraud … and wash her hands of any parental obligations.

Lamar is calling Sherri out for hypocrisy and Sherri is calling Lamar out for fraud, what about the baby though? Maybe I should stop asking that question because apparently the baby is not a factor.

Seems to me if Sherri keeps the baby then she could claim child support from him if she even wants it, with this bitter battle if she ever wanted to stake claim to the child, how is she going to explain to her son or daughter that she never really wanted him or her month before he or she was born.

This is a tricky one, we cant take any sides because its all too shady on all sides, my best wishes goes out to the baby who just didn’t ask for any of this.