Where is the watch party at on September 25th? In true Shonda fashion the popular writer has been dropping hints about what we should expect in season 4 of Scandal. We all know Harrison is a goner considering he has gotten himself in a ton of trouble in his real life personal life. Such a shame, but I guess the writing was on the wall, his role left much to be desired for a long time.

Shonda told TV guide that it was safe to assume that we have reached the end of Harrison so more than likely that gun he was looking at will probably go off or not, knowing her he will probably trip and hit his head or something.

Shonda said this:

 “When we come back into the season, we find ourselves is a surprising place both time-wise and location-wise.”

But what about Olivia and Jake who jetted off into the sunset as if they can just make their issues disappear?

“He goes off with her knowing full well that she’s very clear about her feelings for somebody else. So, whatever that relationship is, as fun or romantic or happy as that will be, she’s very clearly in love with another man,” said Shonda. “I don’t know what that holds for them. They have to face whatever that’s going to mean.”

And Fitz and Mellie? We know they are mourning the death of their son and Fitz is playing dear husband like he should, we are curious to know where that is headed.

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Shonda did not have much to add other than Fitz feels obligated to be a good husband to Mellie which is odd considering she was banging the Vice President but I digress.

We cant wait to see what happens to Huck and his family and Papa Pope? Well Shonda says we should expect to see lots more of him:

 “How can you live without Papa Pope?!”

Don’t call me on Thursday, got it?

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