The holidays are around the corner, and come Christmas, a lot of us will be panicking about what to get for our loved ones. Well, here’s a list of the best gifts you can get for your man.

1. Xbox One


If your man loves video games (and let’s be honest, a lot of guys do), this is probably the perfect gift, if he doesn’t already own one. Buy it with a game of his favorite sport (like NBA 2K14 or Madden) and he’ll be forever grateful. That is, if you’ll be able to tear him away from the game.

2. STEEL Belt

STEEL belt

If his belt is getting worn, this is the perfect replacement. Made from genuine leather, it’s sleek, classy and doesn’t have holes.

3. Marten Light Hooded Jacket

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Marten Light Jumper

This insulating and packable jacket is ideal for warm winter days. It’s light, completely wind-resistant, well-padded and elastic. Practical and stylish, it’s the perfect winter gift.

4. Giant flask

Giant flask

If he carries his drink around, he should do it in style. This 64-ounce durable stainless steel flask is huge, and can carry enough liquor to knock down the most hardened drinkers.

5. Timberland Stormbuck Boots

Timberland boots

Crafted from waterproof leather, these boots will eliminate any fear of walking into a puddle. They are also comfy, and look pretty good. Your man will thank you for them.

6. North Face Thermoball Full Zip Jacket

This jacket will keep him warm the same way a bunch of sweaters and jackets will, while weighing very little. If he doesn’t like his clothes weighing him down, this is an incredible gift.

7. Stelton Pure Black Knifes

Pure black knifes

If your man likes to cook, these knifes are an amazing gift. From handle to blade, they are forged from one piece of stainless steel so the handle morphs seamlessly into the blade. It also doesn’t hurt that they look so damn good.

These gifts will please most men out there. Just to be safe, though, make sure what you’re getting him is in line with his likes and needs. I mean, there’s no point getting him an Xbox if he doesn’t play video games, or a knife set if the only cooking he knows is frying eggs. Get him something he’ll like, and he’ll be eternally grateful for it.

Men, if you are reading this, you know your lady wants some bling bling for christmas, here’s a simple christmas jewelry buying guide to make sure she loves it.  

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