Ever thought how crazy it is that someone can have over one million friends and then commit suicide with no one by their side? Its weird how devoid of connections we actually are in reality, when we think we are more connected than ever in this information age with social networking.

Many of us might have 400+ Facebook friends, of these more than 100 wish us Happy Birthday once a year on our Facebook wall. We might get more than 50 likes whenever we change our profile picture, or share a funny video, sounds perfect right?

But, how many of these friends actually meet us on weekends? Probably 1 or 2, or sometimes none. Yet we are constantly checking messages or updates in twitter and Instagram which is a symptom of a delusional lonely person.

The other day I noticed 4 friends out at a restaurant to eat and all four were looking at their phones, no conversation, no questions about each others day, no connection, everyone was more interested in their 12 thousand fake followers on Twitter.

Or maybe we just want to see the latest post by Katy Perry or Kim Kardashian on Instagram as the try to capture your attention with their version of a perfect selfie.

Why are we like this? The only people with a friendly smile on their face and who are available for a friendly chat in public places are the people from older generation who are not addicted to social networking. Most of the people our generation don’t even have a smile on their face.

Is this really the way of life? Is this healthy? Of course not! Social networking is destroying our social lives and making us more lonely as we try to be connected to a distant “friend” rather than try to make a new “friend” where we live.

We enjoy our conversation with someone who is miles away and haven’t met in a long time rather than striking a conversation with a friendly stranger sitting next to us in a public place. Addiction to social networking is something we are not taking seriously which is the main symptom of loneliness.

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Lately, many youngsters are recognizing this addiction and taking a “cold turkey challenge”. It can be of any duration and decided by the person taking this challenge. The aim is to spend some time (Say 30 days) without any social networking.

Some people have even deleted their social network profiles. This is good news. This shows that people are identifying that they have a problem and they are taking steps to prevent control this problem.

Next time you are out with your real friends, put the phone away and find out how their day went, you will realize how much more connected you really are despite whats going on on social media.


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