Twitter went HAM on Cosmo this week for an article they wrote back in January displaying the new trends in women hair and makeup styles. Leave it to Buzzfeed to bring this messy side eye of an article to our attention!

The article had RIP over the heads of black women representing negative trends and while they did have some white women on the negative side as well there were no women of color representing positive trends. Since the backlash Cosmo has issued a bit of a non apology:

‘A note from the editor: This article focuses on beauty trends with images that represent those trends. Some images have been taken out of context, and we apologize for any offense. 

‘Celebrating all women is our mission, and we will continue to work hard to do that.’

Historically Cosmo has known for its appreciation of the white European woman, that is what the magazine has been built on all these years, recently they have been trying to insert black culture without fully embracing it for the need to appear ‘diverse’.

They have recognized cornrows as an edgy style for white women rather than acknowledging its roots and Kendell Jenner’s braids are nothing short of awesome in comparison to young black girls everywhere.

Years ago they were blasted for their insensitivity towards young children as they tried to promote the magazine to teenagers under 18 by using language that they would be attracted to. This was done despite the fact that the magazine was considered ‘adult’ with articles that are not suitable for young girls.

Obviously this has nothing to do with children but my point is this magazine will do whatever it wants despite what is considered a sensitive issue. They do not care how loud people scream Cosmo will always be Cosmo!


Is it a waste of time going after a magazine that is not made for ‘us’? On one hand we could say screw Cosmo we have many publications that are way more diverse for us to support.

Then on the other hand we will always let them know that they need to keep it moving with their traditional European standards and not just adopt areas of black culture when they see fit and dispense of it when they feel like it.

If they were really trying to be diverse they would have covered ALL new trends including natural hair and have women of color represent a movement that has clearly taken over main steam.


Instead as Perez Hilton expertly said:

The entire piece is just another example of how subtly white mainstream culture reinforces ideas of Eurocentric beauty, while dismissing minorities or other people who don’t neatly fit into that standard.

Check some of the tweets, including one done by one of the models in the piece:


#boycotcosmo should really be a thing:


Is Cosmo ever going to learn? Weigh in below: