Dear Urban Gyal, Soul Swipe for me, let me tell you about my last date!

Being an introverted homebody in a big city often times means that I miss out on a lot of social gatherings, and parties. I mean, I really just love alone time, and the solace of my cozy apartment.

However, I don’t want to be single forever, so I recently downloaded the free dating app, Soul Swipe. It’s essentially the same thing as Tinder, where it’s linked to your Facebook profile, and you can set your preferences- except Soul Swipe is solely for African Americans.

I’ve tried Tinder in the past, and wasn’t really a huge fan because there weren’t enough black guys on there, I mean I don’t discriminate, but I do know I want to date and eventually marry a black guy. So I spent maybe 30 minutes swiping left or right, and then closed the app. By the end of the first day I had about 20-25 matches, and about half of them sparked convo and sent me a message.

I was shocked! I didn’t have that much success on Tinder, and most of the guys were very attractive, so I was really excited to see what their conversation was like. By the to the middle of the week, I had a solid 5 guys who really sparked my interest and had good conversation, and by Friday I had a date set up with the top contender.

I will have to admit though, it begun to get a little tricky keeping up with all of the guys, I mean I am a full time student, and also work, so it’s not like I’m just sitting at home all day texting. On Friday’s date with, Joey* he took me to a place in NYC called Slate.

It had two levels; on the top floor there was a bar/lounge and on the lower level there were pool tables, ping pong tables, jinga stations, couches, and TVs, and also a bar. Joey* suggested that we play pool, even though I’ve never really played, and wasn’t very good at it.

However, he was a great teacher, and by the end of game one I actually was confident in my skills! And not to mention, I liked him even more. It’s just something about a guy who can make me laugh, and is patient.

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After we played pool we just chilled,  ordered drinks, people watched, and chatted. At the end of the night he drove me home, and didn’t even try to come up. I was impressed and not to mention happy! It’s been so long since I actually had a nice date with a respectful guy, that I forgot how good it felt, and not to mention that that’s what I deserve.

Since then, I deleted my Soul Swipe app. I’ve hit it off with Joey* so I’m taking my chances with him and I also cut off the other guys as well. There’s no telling how things are going to turn out and I may have made a bad choice by cutting off the other guys, but I really don’t have the time to entertain multiple men. Who knows, if it doesn’t work out I can always download the app again!

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