If you want to look more beautiful, you need to start from the inside out. The following foods target specific areas of the body that will make you feel more healthy and enhance your appearance too.

Natural foods that are deep red keep the skin looking youthful and smooth

Deep red-hued foods, such as pomegranates and acai berries, are rich in antioxidants – helpful for maintaining the circulation in the skin. The increased blood flow encourages cell turnover, which, in turn, keeps the skin vibrant, clear and beautiful.

Red cabbage, which contains vitamin C, is helpful, as well, for enhancing the looks of the skin. Vitamin C promotes the collagen remodeling that keeps the skin line-free and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Fruits that are packed with vitamin C that enhance gum health and beautiful skin

Besides red cabbage, you also want to eat fruits that contain vitamin C, which is also good for maintaining healthy gums. Include vitamin-C friendly foods in your diet such as mangoes, kiwis and oranges.

Guavas are loaded with beautifying Vitamin C

If you really want to enhance gum health as well as the looks of your skin, add guavas to your diet. You don’t even have to eat the fruit if you want to improve your skin’s appearance.

Simply squish the fleshy part of the fruit, rub it on your face and wash it off. The fruit contains 5 times the amount of vitamin C as an orange. If you do consume the fruit, try adding it to a fruit salad or mix it in a processor with fresh limes for a healthful juice. It is possible maintain beautiful skin with this one fruit alone if you apply it topically.

Dried fruits strengthen the nails and prevent skin wrinkling for a more beautiful appearance

Among dried fruits, apricots contain plenty of iron, which also improves the tone of the skin. Add the dried fruit to your cereal in the morning or eat a few apricots at work for a mid-afternoon snack. Prunes, also dried, are ideal for strengthening the nails.

That’s because they contain plenty of iron, which alleviates nail symptoms, such as vertical ridges and brittleness. To keep nails healthy too, make sure you use the right remover to take off the varnish. Don’t chip away at the polish as doing so increases brittleness.

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Flaxseed eliminates weight gain and acne

Flaxseed is rich in omega fatty acids, which are good dietary fats – healthy nutrients that promote heart health and even out any hormonal imbalance. Women whose estrogen levels are higher than their testosterone levels often experience acne and weight gain.

When flaxseeds are included in foods, such as yogurt, salads or cereals, however, the hormones level out and the resultant skin and weight issues also begin to fade.

Eat beets to melt fat and keep a beautiful, lean physique

Beets, too, help you keep up your appearance. The beetroot contains the bioactive agent, betaine, which assists in fat breakdown. The juice of the vegetable also contains a type of chlorine that aids in digestion.

While not everyone likes beet juice to drink, you can add a tablespoon of the juice to a salad or find recipes that feature beets as a main ingredient. For example, roasted beets are quite tasty and keep you looking good too. You can find several variations of roasted beet recipes online.

While plastic surgery and cosmetics are used for beautification purposes, you can find staples for looking good in your kitchen as well. Stick to a healthy meal plan and you will enjoy exercise more and start looking and feeling better over time.

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