The best stretch mark removal creams, work instantly, contain no chemicals, moisturize the cream, and can take while pregnant. When you find out about this stretch mark removal cream please let me know ASAP!

The good news is that when used regularly, and over a longer time period (3+ months) these stretch mark removal creams shown to scientifically reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

In the vast market of stretch removal creams, there are 3 main categories of stretch marks cream. There are natural creams with only organic ingredients, the popular topical over the counter treatments, and doctor prescribed medical creams.

These creams are all most effective on newer and red stretch marks. For older or white stretch marks, you will most likely want to use one of the stretch mark removal treatments such as laser, microdermabrasion, or cutting out with surgery.

Best Stretch Mark Removal Creams

How do Stretch Mark Removal Creams Work

Stretch marks are created when the middle layer of skills loses its elasticity and is stretched further then it can tolerate. This is when the connective fibers eventually break, causing scaring and disrupting the collagen productions. Stretch mark removal creams are designed to work on a deeper level. They get into the skin to moisturize the skin, improve elasticity, reduce inflammation and help improve and fade the skin texture over time.

Natural Stretch Mark Removal Creams

When looking for natural stretch mark removal creams, you may notice a lot of products saying natural but lack high quality ingredients. I preferred to make my own natural ingredients, which I actually called my Superwoman Natural Stretch Mark Cream containing shea butter, coconut oil, vitamin E, Castor Oil, and other essential vitamins.

These natural stretch mark removal creams are awesome for women that are pregnant because they don’t contain any chemicals.

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To my gyals, clay has cured my skin of years of acne proned skin, improved my complexion, acne scars and shrunk my pores. This is the best clay mask assortment pack to try all  my favorite kinds of clay + it's affordable. 

Top 10 Stretch Mark Removal Creams

10+ Best Stretch Mark Removal Creams 110+ Best Stretch Mark Removal Creams 2

Mederma is our top overall choice for skin removal creams. In 2002 and 2003 Pharmacy Times named Mederma as the product most often recommended by pharmacists to reduce scarring. It is based on an onion extract and makes scars softer, smoother, and less noticeable. For best results, it should be used on a daily basis. Mederma has numerous products for scar removal, such quick dry oil, scar cream, scar gel, and overnight scar treatment that all come highly tested and recommended. Click here to get the latest price.

10+ Best Stretch Mark Removal Creams 310+ Best Stretch Mark Removal Creams 4

StriVetin- SD is an intensive concentrate that works for stretch marks, wrinkles, and scars. It is shown to be highly effective, but is also very costly. However, it is meant for smaller areas, many women complain about the smell, and is suggested to use for at least 8 weeks. This is one treatment backed by dermatologists and is clinical treated. Lets so it is expensive, but it works. Click here to get the latest price.

10+ Best Stretch Mark Removal Creams 510+ Best Stretch Mark Removal Creams 6

Weleda is our highest rated all-natural product that is even safe to use while pregnant. Not only does this work well in preventing stretch marks, but does not contain any synthetic preservatives or fragrances.  It is proven by dermatologists to diminish the visible appearance of stretch marks, increasing the elasticity and skin moisture. Click here to check the price.

10+ Best Stretch Mark Removal Creams 710+ Best Stretch Mark Removal Creams 8

This Bio-Oil product has been the number one selling multi skin care use, and has been removing stretch marks since 2002. For best results, it should be used twice a day for a minimum 3 months. By rubbing in a circular motion around the scars, it helps reduce the appearance of scars, while evening out the skin. It really helps with hydrated skin and improving elasticity. Not only does it work well for stretch marks, but is overall just awesome to use on your skin. Click here to get the price.

10+ Best Stretch Mark Removal Creams 910+ Best Stretch Mark Removal Creams 10

CervaVe Stretch Mark Cream is highly recommend for women with really sensitive sin. It is hyperallergic and is recommended by my own dermatologist.  It may not be strong enough for people who do not have sensitive skin, but when applied daily can produce results. Click here to Buy online.

10+ Best Stretch Mark Removal Creams 1110+ Best Stretch Mark Removal Creams 12

Normally you do not listen to everything you read online, well besides Urban Gyal, but after seeing that the best seller on amazon with 2500+ five star reviews we had to include this. Burt’s Beees Mamma Bee Belly butter is designed to moisture a women’s skin during pregnancy, is healthy without all the nasty chemicals, and also fragrance free. The 99% natural ingredients include some of our favorite ingredients for stretch marks such as Shea Butter, Cocoa, Vitamin E, and Joboba utter. I personally LOVE all of the Burt’s Bees product line.  Get the price.

10+ Best Stretch Mark Removal Creams 1310+ Best Stretch Mark Removal Creams 14

This stretch removal cream is one of the best priced on our list, and is good for parents on a budget. It lacks some of the ingredients that are found within the high end cream, but has been used for generations, does not have the strong smell, but includes elastin. For under $10 it comes in a large 4+ ounce tub, so you can apply this a minimum once a day. Get the price.

10+ Best Stretch Mark Removal Creams 1510+ Best Stretch Mark Removal Creams 16

The reason why it is called Fierce Stretch Mark and Scar Cream, is that it works fast and fierce. It is best to use after a morning shower and something for you to get in a ritual with.  It contains many of the natural ingredients such as cocoa, shea, jojoba, mango butters, and some extras.  Click here to get the latest price.

10+ Best Stretch Mark Removal Creams 1710+ Best Stretch Mark Removal Creams 18

Kimberly Parry makes 100% USDA-certified-organic skin and body products for the whole family or while pregnant. Much like the ingredients listed above, it only contains 5 ingredients jojoba oil, coconut oil, shea butter, olive oil, and beeswax. These are all the key ingredients you need for natural stretch mark removals. Get the price.

10+ Best Stretch Mark Removal Creams 1910+ Best Stretch Mark Removal Creams 20

We wanted to save one of the best for last! This is because Belli stretch mark minimizing cream does a good job at removing those darker marks.  It contains Darutoside, Regestril, Avocado Oil and some other deep stretch mark fighting ingredients. It does not advertise as natural, or synthetic, they do their best at choosing good ingredients to remove those stretch marks.   Get the price online.

Doctor Prescribed Stretch Mark Medication

The main difference between prescription formulations or the creams mentioned above is the amount of Vitamin A.  Most doctors will prescribe either Retinoic Acid or a combination of glycolic acid with ascorbic because of this. The stronger formulations may provide faster results, and be able to get deeper into the skins.  You will need to speak to your doctor about a specific brand, but make sure to ask about which type of acid is best for your skin.

Stretch Mark Removal Treatments

For older stretch marks, or ones that you just can not get out. The good news is that there are stretch mark removal treatments for you to consider. The best way to avoid stretch marks, is to never get them in the first place and to take preventative steps.  Unfortunately, 90% of women typically get them while pregnant and is associated with weight gain or loss. With this, there are permanent and surgical methods including tummy tucks, laser, and microdermabrasion.

I would only suggest these other stretch mark removal treatments once you have stopped having kids, tried the diy stretch mark removal and topical stretch mark removal creams. Give it some time, topical treatments can take up to 6 months to see results.

Stretch marks are common, and like most things in life (like a broken heart) fade in time. Remember that you are beautiful just as you are, and it is completely common. Do not obsess on the small imperfections of life.

Sending lots of love and positive vibes!

The Best 10 Stretch Mark Removal Creams


Learn about the 10+ Best Natural, Prescription, and Topical Stretch Mark Removal Creams and Bio Oils for you to use at home. To get rid of stretch marks.

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