TCA chemical peels are pretty popular these days, the procedure can lift years off your skin, so why not try it right? Before taking the plunge it does help to do a bit of research just to see what is out there, read a couple reviews and listen to a few stories.

If you are not familiar with a TCA chemical peel, what you need to know is that it involves using an acidic solution to treat the skin and remove layers of dead cells. The deeper the peel the higher the amount of the acidic solution used.

You have three options, you can do an at home chemical peel which can cost you anywhere from $20.00 to about $50.00.

You can choose to do the peel at a spa, where the treatment are considered mild to medium and more effective than the at home treatments.

In the case of a spa treatment the cost is a bit higher, which makes sense but they guarantee that your skin will look brighter and fresher with no wrinkles or scarring.

The amount of skin that is lifted away depends on how much of the chemical is applied to the skin and how long it remains on the skin’s surface.

Milder peels will likely contain glycolic acid and the TCA chemical peel will penetrate more deeply in comparison.

If you are looking for a very deep peel, you have to see a dermatologist where the doctor will perform the procedure which will reduce the risk of mistakes. This is the more expensive of the three options up to $3000.00 but it can last for a very long time, up to 20 years.

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There are additional warnings for women of color because the skin is more likely to scar in comparison to other women so it is recommended that you see a dermatologist and follow their instructions precisely about what your treatment should look like.

You might think you need a deeper treatment when in fact you don’t, so be very careful about what option you pick.

Should you try a TCA peel?

This is a matter of opinion, I will say that your skin is a direct reflection of your health and there are ways to ensure that your skin remains, bright and clear just based on how you feed yourself.

If I could pick between, putting an acidic substance on my skin or eating a cucumber I would choose the cucumber, but that’s just me.

Other women would trust the science behind the procedure for a faster result, and if you want something that is almost immediate and you do not mind the procedure then go for it once you have visited your dermatologist. The most important thing to remember when opting for a peel is to follow your doctor’s instructions!

Check out one ladies experience:

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A Few Things Consider Before Doing A TCA Chemical Peel


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