I read a recent interview by done by the Huffington Post with Tia Mowry Hardict, where she talked about her individual style and dished on some of her beauty secrets, including her flawless skin. The question I was most interested in was this one:

HPS: Your skin always looks so healthy and radiant. Do you have any homemade beauty secrets?

TM: I do! It’s ice. A makeup artist that I was working with a long time ago told me about this. You make green tea ice cubes or orange juice ice cubes or you can even just use regular ice cubes.

But the trick is to melt one ice cube over your face in the morning — by rubbing it around like you’re giving yourself a facial. People are always complimenting me on my skin and that’s basically all I do.

It hydrates your skin and you’re getting those natural anti-oxidants from the tea. The cold then tightens your skin. It feels like you’ve just had a facelift! I also drink loads of water.

And I love Argan oil — it does me wonders. I use Josie Maran. She’s very expensive but there are more affordable alternatives. But the oil just brings the elasticity back to your face and the glow — that J.Lo glow that you want.

Of course I am all for a super simple beauty regimen so we had to check this out for ourselves.

Here are 4 reasons green tea ice cubes are awesome for your face:

1. Great for getting rid of dark circles

Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and it can reduce puffiness and bring the glow back to your eyes, eradicating any circles.

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2. Great for acne

YES girl, acne! For this reason alone, they are worth making. Again antioxidents might be the thing that helps the acne, but the ice itself reduces any pimples, gets rid of soreness and reduces pores on your skin which makes your skin look better overall.

3. Great for Puffiness

Of course we mentioned this before, but green tea is perfect for getting rid of puffy eyes because of the caffeine. The caffeine and ice combo will give your face the wake up call it needs, reducing any swelling.

4. Hydrates and tones

Instead of drying out your skin, the ice cubes will hydrate your skin which is that fresh feeling you get after trying it just one time. It is also a great toner, what more can you ask for!

How to make Green Tea Ice Cubes

Brew some of your favorite green tea and allow it to cool. Once it cools, fill up an ice tray with the tea, you will have at least 10 days worth to use.

Every morning, melt one ice cube all over your face and apply your favorite moisturizer afterwards. Easy right? Have you ever tried this?  We’d love to hear your experience in the comments below 🙂

4 Reasons you Should Use Green Tea for your Face


Tia Mowry dishes on her cool beauty secret and its a simple regimen using green tea ice cubes. These cubes can give you flawless skin.

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