For the greater part of 2015, I’ve been trying to crack down on my spending habits, and take control of my budget. One day when I was perusing my Facebook timeline, I came across “The Budgetnistas” page, and was so glad that I did!

Tiffany Aliche, who goes by The Budgetnista is an average woman who in 2009 lost her job of 10 years as a preschool teacher.

Along with losing her job, she also lost her home and her savings. As a result, she couldn’t afford the mortgage for the home she purchased at age 25, so as a 29 year old single black female, she was forced to move back home with her parents. Fast forward to age 31 and she was still unemployed, and struggling to make ends meet, and still living with family. She stated that that was rock bottom for her.

It was what catapulted her to get up and reevaluate her life and her situation. Based on the fact that Tiffany didn’t have any savings, you would think that she came from a family who wasn’t financially savvy- however that was far from the truth.

Tiffany’s dad was a Chief Financial Officer and an accountant. He gave her valuable lessons on money management, and valuable lessons. Before her lay off, she was a guru at personal finance. She was the one who her friends would go to for financial advice, and and to improve their credit.

However, being laid off shook her confidence and hitting rock bottom was what caused her to come to a realization. In 2011 she decided to take her skills as a teacher, and her love and knowledge of personal finance and put it to use to start her own business, The Budgetnista. Her goal was to help women, who just like herself, wanted to do better but just didn’t know where to begin or how to start!

I have been following The Budgetnista for personal finance advice, and am really glad that I did! She even created a free resource, called the Live Richer Challenge, this year in 2015, which essentially gives women the tools and teaches them how to change their mindset, budget, save, pay down debt, increase their credit score, and to begin investing.

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The Budgetnista’s advice is not just tried and proven, but it’s even more reliable because of her story, and how she proved that with a bit of hard work and perseverance with your finances, you too can Live Richer, and have financial freedom!

If you are interested in signing up and learning more about The Live Richer Challenge, then click on this link to get started!

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