You are at the gym and you grab your usual 25 pound bar and start racking it up for some dead lifts. Then some know it all Popeye looking moron comes over and says ‘that’s too much for a girl, why don’t you leave that to the fellas” then he starts laughing and all of his dumb little (emphasis on the little) friends laugh too.

*rolls eyes* Your first thought is to punch him in the face, the second thought is to politely ask him to watch you work, then he can laugh afterwards. Been there done that, nowadays guys know not to mess with a woman on a mission, we don’t shy away from any work out, whether it be a mean ass bench press, a few laps on the basket ball court or spotting them when they need help at the squat machine.

Girls if you go to the gym with your man and you see him doing something you haven’t tried before maybe you should look into it, there are a ton of exercises guys typically do that are great for women too.

Don’t worry about getting bulky, that only happens if you are taking a bunch of steroids or dieting to gain weight, if your nutrition is one that is based on shredding, then it doesn’t matter what you do in the gym, so why not test your strength and have a little fun.

Below I have the top 6 exercises your boyfriend does that you should start doing as well.

1. Want a sexy chest? You should totally bench press

This is an easy one, and lots of girls are getting in on the action, there are three types of bench press, one on a flat bench, another one on an incline bench and the last one is on a decline bench.

The most awkward of the three is the decline bench press but you should try all three. They not only shape and define your chest, they also give you the perk you have always wanted.


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2. You want a nice sexy lower back? You should practice the Dead lift

This exercise must be done correctly so before you try it have someone show you how to do it. Not only is it great for your legs, but it is awesome for your core as well. You know that sexy indentation women get when they have a very toned back, well this my dear is one way to achieve it.


3. Want sexy shoulders? Actually an entire secy upper body? Try the Clean and Press

Another great exercise that sculpts tones your entire upper body but especially your shoulders is Clean and Press, again, get someone to show you exactly how this is done to avoid injury. I would suggest working your way up to the weight you think you can manage because you will need some endurance for this one. Prepare to sweat!


4. Want a sexy back? Try Chin ups

Most of us hate these but your back will love them. Using your own body weight as resistance is an oldie but goodie and Chin ups will always be the number one upper body exercise for anyone, male of female. If you can only do one, then do that one, but never leave the gym without trying it.


5. Do you want to be strong? Try an over head press 

Awesome exercise for an over sexy upper body but very shoulder oriented as well. Try this one with your trainer or someone who has done it before, form is everything. Start out with a weight you can manage and work your way up


6. Got cardio? Try Boxing

This is great for cardio and agility, you will need help with this one, someone to spar with. If you haven’t boxed before try taking a class, not only is it great fun it will lean you out fast!



The Top 6 Exercises Your Boyfriend Does In The Gym That You Should Totally Do As Well


We all have those exercises we thing are only guy friendly, well this posts gives you 6 exercises your boyfriend does, that you should do as well.

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