Staying healthy is rarely easy. Even if you eat a diet of only fruits and vegetables, there could still be something you’re doing that prevents you from being healthy. So here are 8 of the most effective life hacks in staying healthy.

1. Add weights when blow drying

Before you begin blow drying your hair, add wrist weights or other tools to your arms. This will work out your arm muscles as you style your hair. The longer your hair, the more intense the workout.

2. Go on a fitness vacation

Virtually everyone’s idea of a vacation is lying down on the beach, soaking up the sun. Well, you can work out your body while on holiday. How? Just do activities like snorkeling and water-skiing, which make a good workout while also offering tons of fun.

3. Quit smoking in a sauna

Quitting smoking is anything but easy. However, you can make the process a lot simpler on your body by going to the sauna in three consecutive days. You will sweat out the nicotine in your body, and your craving for a smoke will lower. This will help you to quit faster.

4. Do your chores

This is a subtle but effective way of burning calories and strengthening your body. If you clean your home two or more times a week, chances are in a few months, you’ll be stronger, with well-defined triceps.

This is because every minute you spend dusting is a minute you burn 4 calories. If you spend an hour per week cleaning, you’ll have burned over 12,000 calories in a year!

5. Swear every time you’re in pain

Researchers have found that if you swear like a sailor when you’re in a lot of pain, you’ll actually be improving your body’s pain tolerance.

Swearing induces your “fight or flight” instinct, which alters your physical reaction to pain. However, don’t swear too much. If you curse every chance you get, you’ll be lessening its effect in dulling your pain.

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6. Replace sugar with cinnamon

Try using cinnamon in your drink instead of sugar and/or cream. Cinnamon has fewer calories, and it comes with a lot of health gains, like lowering your blood sugar levels and boosting your immune system.

7. Buy a puppy

Having a dog will you exercise frequently. You’ll be exercising for at least half an hour every day just from walking the dog. Playing with your pup will burn even more calories.

8. Eat before eating

It sounds a bit contradictory, but it really helps if you eat something small before a big meal–like vegetables or fruits. This will alleviate your hunger and, if you’re going to a banquet or a dinner party, you won’t eat as much.

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