Traveling WomanWhether it’s for business, family or just relaxation, traveling can be a stressful and sometimes even a dangerous thing. So here are some travel tips to help you make the best of a stress-free journey.

1. Wear a wedding ring

Even if you’re not married, don’t forget to wear this band of gold whenever you’re traveling. A wedding ring shows any man who sees you not to approach and flirt with you–unless you’re looking for a fling–and it also makes strangers wonder if your husband is close. It won’t work for everyone, but it will put off a lot of people.

2. Enable private browsing when booking online

Whether you’re booking a flight or a hotel online, you should enable private browsing. This is because a lot of online travel agencies will track your visits to their sites, and will increase the price if you frequently visit them.

3. Don’t stand out

If you’re traveling to somewhere unfamiliar–especially a foreign country–it will be hard to blend in. So, your aim should be not drawing attention to yourself.

Don’t wear jewelry, because bling always attracts glances, and you might want to avoid some of those glances. if you’re lost, approach any police you see around, or older women or families.

4. Travel during the day

It’s common knowledge that muggers, rapists and thieves love the dark, where they can’t be seen and chased off or get caught.

So, you should minimize your risk of something happening to you by traveling during day time. If, however, you just have to go somewhere at night, ensure you hire a cab from a reputable company to take you to your destination after you land.

5. Wrap your earphones

If you’re traveling with earphones and are not currently using them, wrap them around a binder clip. This will ensure they don’t get tangled up and make you spend minutes–sometimes even an hour–untangling them.

6. Use Google Maps offline

You might be going to a place without internet reach. If so, and you need to use Google Maps to find out where you’re going, just open the map of the place you want to go and type “OK maps”. This will save the visible area for access in future, online of offline.

7. Wear a night moisturizer

If you’re going on a long flight, a night moisturizer will keep you hydrated, and you’ll experience its full benefits, like brightening up your skin and fighting wrinkles.

8. Deep pockets

Wear clothes with deep pockets, and use those pockets to store your boarding pass, wallet and phone. This will save from looking through your bag every few minutes.