So by now you all know that Toni Braxton is happy in love with Birdman! Well her sister Traci is calling the whole thing weird. She says it’s because Birdman is ‘like family’.  “It’s almost like incest, it’s like kissing your brother in the mouth,” said Traci.

Hip Hollywood reports:

Traci Braxton is a little weirded out by her sister, Toni Braxton and Birdman’s alleged budding romance.

HipHollywood caught up with the Braxton sister during Essence Festival in New Orleans and when asked how she feels about Birdman getting a “bad wrap” by folks, Traci responded, “I think so.”

She then proceeded to tell us, “He’s been in the family for such a long time, so it’s like almost incest. It’s like kissing your brother in the mouth or something.” Braxton then used the term “good friends” before suggesting he’s simply “another flower on the wall.”

As for hoping her sisters eventually get married, Traci explained, “as long as he treats her right. As girls, we are going to dominate the whole relationship anyway.”


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