Rachel DolezalThe land of the free right? America is built on Civil liberties every human has the right to live how they want to live and identify with whom they want to identify with when you inhabit the Great United States.

With that said, Bruce Jenner can be Caitlyn Jenner, praised and heralded for her bravery and Rachel Dolezal can be black, heckled and made fun of by Twitter.

Don’t get it twisted, just as you can exercise your civil liberties to identify with whatever race or gender you want, others who have positive or negative opinions are free to share them openly with you or behind your back.

This is the truth of America, judgments happen on the streets and on social media before you get to court so we have to be prepared to take the good with the bad and the bad with the good.

Rachel Dolezal probably lied to many people about her race, she is as white as they come but identifies with black.


She is the leader of the NAACP which is an organisation that was founded by an interracial group including the likes of W.E. B Du Bois.

The organisation has some serious responsibilities which includes alleviating some of the challenges facing African Americans.

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As part of the Spokane Washington chapter Rachel has worked with the NAACP for over 9 years. She is the leader there and her work speaks for itself.

The one question we have heard on social media is do you have to be black to be a leader or a part of the NAACP and the answer is no. As a matter of fact there are many people working in the organisation that are not African American.

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So what is the crime? In the criminal court of America the crime is deceit! We can delve into the family history of Rachel if we want to but regardless of what we find she identified with being black so much so that she led her life that way and ‘fooled’ her colleagues.

There is also speculation that if you check the box that says you are black but you are actually white and then check the box that says you were honest about all the boxes you checked, that could be a criminal offense. But really, does it matter at this point?

Personally I got a little bit offended about how easy it probably was for her to ‘pretend’ to be black without actually being black. There is a huge difference between identifying with something and actually being something.

So is transrace the new transgender? Maybe, Bruce identifies with being a woman and claims he was always living a lie but can he actually be a woman?

No way! Being a woman is not just about boobs, nips and tucks, it also isnt about what you wear and your outward demeanor, being a woman is not even about your way of life.

All those things are a part of being a woman but there are no mistakes with human genetics you can change yourself enough to accept your chosen association but you cannot change everything.

It is the same with Rachel, you can change your hair or educate yourself but you are not black and never will be, but you can still identify with being black for the greater good if you would like. You are free to do so.

With that said why are we distracted with this story, she tricked us or rather she tried it, but at this point, as bizarre as this story is, nothing really has changed so maybe we should focus our attention on something else. Just #askrachel if you do not believe me.


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