If you have been on Twitter for the last few days you may have noticed the hashtag #cancelWendyWilliamsshow. People are calling for the shows cancellation because in typical Wendy fashion the gossip queen decided it was ok to body shame Ariana Grande.

Needless to say Ariana’s fans were not having it and started the hash tag which has been dragging Wendy personally and her show through the muddy waters of Twitter.

Ariana Grande

Well we have to agree with that tweet because what got Wendy in trouble again was when she said Ariana looked like a 12yr old and as a result it was hard for her to look at her as woman.

Here is the thing, I am not surprised by Wendy’s statements not because Ariana was the subject but because we are all used to years and years of “Wendy Williams unfiltered”. Nothing she says surprises me anymore.

If you knew Wendy from her radio show days she was always getting into trouble for a variety of celebrity ‘disses’ many of which she has never apologized for. Celebs knew if they were getting interviewed by Wendy on the radio they would be put in the hot seat and asked the questions everyone was a afraid to ask.

Frankly her TV show is a bit toned down in comparison to the radio onslaught but this is the first time we have “seen” such an outcry for cancelling her show.

While it might seem confusing the real reason this seems like such an out rage is because in the last few years social media has been able to clap back in a real and often times effective way.

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You no longer can speak unfiltered and not have to answer to a hundred thousand tweets and memes slandering your name, reputation and the way you look right back.

Listen, Wendy is not going anywhere she feeds off of this stuff it builds her brand in some odd way. Not to mention Wendy has been the source of body shaming for years, she has been compared to every large animal on the planet, just check out her Twitter feed of the comment section under her videos on YouTube.
Wendy Williams

While two wrongs never make a right, Ariana fans might need to put their energy into other things like figuring out why a 21 yr old would go to a donut shop and scream how much she hates Americans. IJS

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