Create a Travel Checklist

Checklists are a must! After I nail down how many days I need to pack for (I always add one extra day just in case) I think about maximizing my wardrobe while decreasing it in size.

Baggage Limits

In order to save time and money on having to check bags, I never pack more than the allotted carry on amount. Being female is actually an advantage in this area because we can also have our purses to store extra stuff so pick the big one when you are going on a trip.

If you are of the male persuasion then perhaps a computer bag will give you that added packing space, other than that if you are a guy that loves alot of ‘stuff’ then you might have it a teeny bit harder.

How to Pack Efficiently

In order to maximize your wardrobe while simultaneously condensing the number of articles of clothing that you bring you need to visualize what kind of clothes you will need.  If you know you are going somewhere cold you need to pack accordingly, likewise if you are going somewhere warm then leave out the bulky sweaters at home.

I like to pick durable clothes, ones that don’t bunch up or need to be treated carefully so that I can make them as small as possible and fit as much as I can in a small space. Packing efficiently saves you money!

Travel Accessories to Buy

Another way I like to save money is instead of buying the “travel” size toiletries.  I spend a few dollars on the reusable bottles that often reside in the same aisle.  This way you can re-use and re-use without having to replenish your stock; you save money by using the body washes and shampoos you have already purchased.

Snacks and Food while you Travel

Having saved $50 to $100 by not checking my bags, and saving on toiletries another place I like to save is on food.

 You have to check specific procedures and policies but many states/countries allow you to bring dry goods with you through customs.  By packing granola or cereal bars you save instead of risk buying an overpriced meal in order to satisfy you hunger.

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By bringing or keeping and re-using an empty water bottle you insure that you always have water as well, also saving on overpriced drinks.

In my experience these tips can help you save up to $200.  This is money that you can now apply to souvenirs or shopping while on vacation or in upgrading your seat for more room on the plane.


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