December 2014. I was working as a research analyst in a lab at one of the most prestigious medical centers and universities in the country. Only thing is I had been there for a year and was extremely unhappy. I was comfortable but bored and not doing what I felt my purpose was.

I once heard a quote that says, “Respect yourself enough to walk away from whatever no longer serves you, grows you or makes you happy.” That was exactly what I was planning to do.

Now you may stop here and say ok Vanessa.. why would you walk away without a plan? Well I originally did have a plan.

After a 6 month interview process in a crime lab, I was planning on accepting a position in the field of my passion. I already had a conditional offer, was undergoing the final background check and already making arrangements and plans to move my life for this one job. T

he lab unexpectedly called my current employer as a part of the investigation so word got out that I was leaving. I serve an amazing God so I stepped out on faith and went on and put in my notice to depart.

Then suddenly the 31st of December I paused and realized that I’ve never gotten actual confirmation on the salary. The position posted with a wide range and being that I hold a master’s degree as well as a couple of years of experience I just assumed I would be safe.

I was wrong. I called the lab with my concerns and they low balled me without room for negotiation. I know money isn’t everything but I was planning on moving from a place with a low cost of living to up north where it is extremely high.

So after considering all the factors I felt as if I had no choice but to turn the position down. One of the hardest decisions of my life to date.

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At this point I still decided to walk away. Admittedly partially due to embarrassment but more so was the fact that I wanted to go after my dreams without compromise. My last day was a Monday, had an interview that Thursday and got an offer for a position at a crime lab with a 20% salary increase the next month. Won’t He do it!

Don’t be afraid to walk away from what no longer serves you but make sure you’re being smart in the process and asking the right questions.

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