clap backHave you seen the above picture floating around on social media? If you are wondering what the big deal was well let me be the first to tell you.

TSchneill Rainey who is pictured above often shares her healthy lifestyle with her followers on social media. Recently she had to deal with a Facebook user who decided it was time to tell her about the circle of life. She wanted TSchneill to know that soon she would be in her 40’s and she should expect everything to sag and widen like most women she knows (Apparently).


Well Rainey decided to rain on her parade letting Kendall MacGregor know that she will be 45 this month so try again!


This woman is fitness and health goals for real and a true testament to the term ‘black dont crack’ honey, so do not come for a sister, EVER!

I do not know about ya’ll, but I will have what she is having, she shares positive vibes on Twitter, cool health finds and fitness videos.

In other words what she has is very achievable for anyone!- What a clap back!