We all know or have at least heard the ins and outs about contouring through use of darker and lighter colors to shape and mold our faces to “perfection.”

The darker shades adds depth to your face while lighter shades make features more pronounced and highlighted. I mean who doesn’t love an instant 30 second nose job? Well move over contouring, theres a new trend in style.

What is strobing?

When you think of strobing the first thing that probably comes to mind is strobe lights. Essentially that is what strobing is; lighting certain areas of your face for an effect.

The goal is to get a more dewy luminous finish that reflects the lights on your facial high points without the extras of contouring. Strobing is actually nothing new.

Celebrities, such as Beyonce, have strobed for years. And makeup artists often include it on their clients, but it is something that is getting more “highlight.” Pun intended.

How do you apply the Strobe technique?

The art is to use highlighters and luminous colors from your contouring palette or any shimmery shade. Apply it to high points on your face where light naturally hits it, cheek bones, bridge of nose, temples etc.

You may want to avoid your forehead if you are prone to have oily skin to avoid an over shiny look. Also be sure to blend and not to overdo it with the shimmer.

You don’t want to walk out the house looking that you washed your face in glitter! See how VickyLogan on YouTube strobes below!

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Strobing is perfect for summer because you can get an effect of depth to your face without the overload of makeup. I mean come on. It’s way too hot to be packing on all that make up. How about you, will you be strobing this summer? Let me know in the comments below.

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