It is so funny that when all your dirty laundry is aired for the whole world to see it becomes the perfect time to claim imperfection. Monyetta Shaw Ne-Yo’s EX fiance opened up about her relationship with the Ne-Yo saying that she got her tubes tied because of him and that she still lives in his home.

Last summer Ne-Yo announced the break up from fiancee, Monyetta on instagram saying:

“Though fate had decided to split our romantic paths, know that I will ALWAYS love you. Forever your partner. Forever your friend. Forever my miracle,” the image read. “I’ll always be there. ALWAYS.@incognemo Forever my miracle,”

Fate my ass, what actually happened according to Monyetta is that Ne-Yo broke up with her over the phone, telling her he was not ready to be monogamous.

Monyetta also claimed that she advised Ne-Yo not to announce anything on Instagram but rather use a publicist which would be ‘classy’. He however did it his way and made a mess of it all especially now that Monyetta is really talking.

Since the show aired Ne-Yo seems to be a bit salty about the whole tell all situation, he said he has apologized for his wrong doing and gave a whole #Idontcareaboutyouropinion speech:

#repost @mscrystalrenay I’ve made my apologies to the people I feel I wronged. I was forgiven by those people. Anybody else passing judgment on me for my past mistakes and immaturities is more than welcome to it. Your opinion is your own to do with as you please. The ONLY judgment I’m truly concerned with is the ONLY one that matters. Mistakes will be made, that’s human. So again to all the perfect beings out there who feel so worthy to judge my imperfection…..ENJOY THE SHOW. #NowTHATSNonfiction #AtlExes #Vh1 #WatchIt #IfCrucifyingMeMakesYouFeelBetterAboutYouHaveAtIt #ShoutOutToAllTheImperfectPeopleOutThereJustTryingToFigureThisThingCalledLifeOutJustLikeMe”

Its ok to admit you are a jerk, at least you are good at your craft and we might still buy your music, we cant all have everything. BTW long hashtags are not funny, they are stupid.