I saw it as soon as the news broke, but I wasn’t going to talk about it. Yet another time it seemed a case of racial profiling.

No I wasn’t going to talk about Michael T. Slager’s cold blooded murder of Walter Scott. With wounds still raw from Trayvon Martin, Ferguson, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice my heart had just about all it could take.

No I’m not American, but this is not unique to America. Besides you don’t need to identify as American to feel it. All it takes is for you to be human.

Let’s talk about being human. Humans don’t gun down other humans in cold blood and try to frame them for a crime posthumously.

Humans don’t cover for corrupt colleagues who got trigger happy and offed another person for no good reason. Humans don’t sit idly by and twiddle their thumbs while another bleeds out before him, his face pressed to the earth as he drew his last breath.

Humans don’t rejoice over the death of an unarmed male whose crime was a busted tailgate. No, humans don’t do that, it takes an entirely different kind of animal to do that.

Humans have a natural response that kicks in when they feel threatened. We know it as adrenaline rush or the fight or flight response and it is a natural reflex.

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The thing is you never know how you’ll respond to a situation until the shoe is on your foot, yet I see people saying how stupid he was for running, as though implying that’s justification for his death.

We seem to be so desensitized that we come off as callous, heartless creatures devoid of compassion. When people comment that it was a “good shot” it causes me to wonder where’s the humanity?

So where is the humanity when there are comments like these?

This video seems to me setuped. It’s fake on 99%. If somebody shoot you with 9mm no matter how much adrenalin you have, your body would get hard hit as punch, definitely would noticeably unbalanced your body. I agree that blood you don’t have to see, but some reaction on t-shirt for sure. Also this guy run really slow if it supposed to be running for his “life”. I’m an expert on visual effects with sense for details, and don’t believe this is true.”

Quit walking around and film the scene. Amateur footage.”


It’s a sad day when dogs have more value than the life of one black man and we seek to humanize murderers over victims.

It’s sad when brutality is so rampant that we just see victims as statistics and we only seek the entertainment value or debate the authenticity of a video. Now all I can ask is, where is the humanity?

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