My very first thought of Jacob Michael Mason was “He wants attention and fame. ” As a matter of fact, many women and men have criticized Jacob for having a fetish rather than having true feelings for black women.

But I am never the type to draw conclusions before doing in-depth research so I did just that.  I had many questions after running into a random picture of Jacob wearing a shirt that reads I love chocolate girls. I had questions, so I dug for answers.

I ran through all of Jacob’s social media sites and I learned why Jacob chooses to uplift black women. He is pretty open about it and also pretty open about how much flack he gets from it.

I suppose the saddest part about this whole thing regardless of Jacob’s intentions is the amount of hate a person will receive for choosing to uplift another human being, a black woman at that.

There are people going as far as telling Jacob’s black supporters to not fall for his “white devilish intentions”.. They are saying his supporters are brainwashed.

We suppose it would be the same thing if a black woman dedicated her social media to the love of a white man, or if a black man dedicated his social media to the love of a white girl.

Personally I love the fact that Jacob owns his feelings on who he chooses to be attracted to however I was a little overwhelmed by his Instagram, it comes off a little strong.

In other words people in interracial relationships do not focus so much on the fact that one is white, black, green or red they just focus on the person. There is is fine line that can get crossed when you get too obsessed with the ‘stuff’ surrounding interracial dating rather than just your relationship.

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Take this meme for instance:


Even though Jacob did not give his opinion on it, he did post it to his Instagram and frankly I did not feel ‘uplifted’ by it. Here is one of his messages on Instagram:

First off… my love is not lust. So don’t get it twisted. My love is passion. I’m passionate for black women because I know they deserve credibility and love always. The world will not allow them to improve, yet they break down barriers and destroy all accounts of struggle. Constantly improving and being powerful. That’s beauty and it deserves to be appreciated.

A little throwback, I’ve always had a thing for black women. Since I was young. People say I do this for attention or that i just started showing love recently… Anybody that I know will tell you, those accusations are completely false.
I’ve been making videos, posts for over 2 years now… It started when I was messaged by a young black woman my age. She wanted some advice on how to approach a white man, because I was white and she for some reason trusted me. I felt the need to make a video that could build that confidence between black women and white men, which was the first of my “Why Do I Like Black Girls,” series.

I immediately started self educating myself on the actual world, (NOT News or Facebook posts or media in general) and had over 100’s of messages every week of real life testimonies from black women and white men that shook me up.. It burdened me knowing that so many people were disowned, abused, judged, hated by family members and friends. Because of skin. Because of flesh.

Now, 2 years later… My footprints are becoming valid, and my voice (Your voice) can reach and climb mountains… My videos and feedback was always the inspiration to create as a modern day platform for people to escape judgement and fear of approaching interracial relationships is almost here!

Wow I’m seeing the beauty of persistence and passion. I want the world one day to be mixed and culturally improving because cultures are intertwined. A free to exercise all aspects of life, lifestyle.

From his message I get what he is trying to do which is why I expected more from his social media outlets than what I have seen. Showing you understand and appreciate the black woman for who she is, is more than just skin deep. Showing your appreciation for people is more than just skin deep!

What do you guys think, weigh in!

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