Before Claudia had a peach she was the leading lady in quite a few music videos. Check out 9 music video’s that you may have noticed her in from back in the day:


Claudia was the waitress turned boo thing in this video.

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Backstreet Boys – As Long As You Love Me

Claudia played the role of hosting an audition to the Backstreet boys who where performing for her. Who knew!

Joe – I Wanna Know

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She played Joe’s love interest. He gave her is real number, no pager! My how far we have come!


In the video, Claudia plays Nokio’s love interest and she goes from 0-100 real quick, which to be honest I couldnt ever figure out what happened. Loved that video though!


D’Angelo – Me And Those Dreamin’ Eyes Of Mine

Remember this video? D’angelo played every member of his band and killed it. Claudia was one of the women he could not keep his dreamin eyes off of!


Fabulous Ft. The Dream – Throw It In The Bag ft. The-Dream

In this video Claudia plays a thief who robs a high end store, she eventually gets locked up but Fabulous bails her out in the end. Who remembers this song? Wasn’t my fave but it was interesting!


Joe – Why Just Be Friends

Joe loved him some Claudia because she again plays his love interest in this video – Check her out!


Talk about blast from the past! In this video Claudia plays Genuine’s love interest who only wants him when she is lonely. I have to say, we are kinda loving 90’s Claudia.

Chico DeBarge – Listen To Your Man ft. Joe

This used to be the jam back in the day! Of course Joe is involved but Claudia played Chico Debarge’s love interest who gets him arrested then helps him to get out of jail in the end.

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