Our perspective, ideas, and inspiration draw from experiences.  It turns out that a vacation, whether at home or outside of your home also is better for your health.

Studies have found even short 4 day vacations have positive effects on your stress level for up to 45 days after the vacation.

Sometimes, those experiences are narrow and come from one location, but some people venture off to realize that the world is much bigger. Traveling can do a lot for a person if given an opportunity.

Travelling abroad can improve your empathy and adds perspective.  As an avid traveller I can definitely say this has been the truth for me.  The world is a much bigger place and we tend to get trapped in the bubble of our home.

Getting out and discovering the rest of the world can give you a whole new perspective on life!

Why is travel important?

Travel can be romanticized a bit but for good reason. The world is begging to be explored, which is part of the reason many people want to travel.

The idea of traveling attracts many for various reasons, like the following:


One reason people love traveling is because it seems to inspire change and sometimes genius ideas. For example, the love of Africa and some of the countries in that continent inspired the band Toto to release a song called”Toto” which topped the Billboard charts back in the 80s.

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Travel also inspired Led Zeppelin to write “Driving to Kashmir” as it was originally titled though it was later changed to “Kashmir”. The song was about driving through a never-ending desert in
southern Morocco, and it became one of the most iconic songs to come from this legendary rock group.

Travel has done the same for many other artists, like Coldplay when they visited India, but it has also inspired philanthropy.

Mike Mycoskie, the founder of TOMS traveled to Argentina for a vacation, but he began to take notice of the extreme poverty some people experienced. He saw children without shoes, and it inspired him to create a shoe company. For every pair purchased, the company would donate a pair of shoes to a child in need.

Genuine Beauty

Another reason many people are interested in traveling is beauty. You may not think seeing beautiful landscapes is all that important, but it can help ease the mind. It allows feel-good neurotransmitters to be released, and that can help fight stress and other issues some people deal

The beauty the world has to offer can be easily seen in different movies and shows, especially the ones that showcase a foreign place like India, the Caribbean, or Thailand. A person can easily fall in love with one of these places by simply seeing it on screen or on a brochure.

Of course, a person will have to find a great place to stay once arriving at the destination to get the most out of a vacation. One thing we know is that where you stay can determine if your visit
lives up to your expectations, so make sure you take your time with this step. Those thinking about a trip to the Eastern Caribbean should consider vacation rentals, like the Anguilla Villa rentals if you really want to live it up.

Reasons why people don’t travel

To experience all the things this world has for you, people need to travel, but it is also hard to do.

If traveling were easy, more people would do it. There are a number of obstacles that get in the way of a person’s willingness to see the world.  The 2 main reasons are finances and fear.


Perhaps one of the biggest obstacles to traveling is finances, but that doesn’t have to be the case.
For one, you could find vacation rentals that include great weekly or monthly discounts.

There are a number of things that people can do nowadays to travel on a budget. Click here to get $20 off your next BOOKING.com stay for new users.

There are also airline companies that offer bare fares for people willing to travel on a budget.
These airlines are called budget airlines, and they offer great deals for those willing to wait for
the deals to pop up.

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Granted, part of the reason these tickets are discounted is because the included frills you might
enjoy on a regular airline are eliminated, like in-flight meals or in-flight movies. There may not
be much legroom, and luggage is generally not included, unless you want to spend money on it,
but the deals are there if you want them.

Uncertainty & Fear

Fear and uncertainty of traveling to another place sometimes stops people from exploring what the world has to offer. Life can excite a person but only if that person is willing to take a risk.

One of the joys of traveling is how it can help lift veils and make people see beyond their misconceptions. No one is saying there aren’t unsafe places to visit, but most of the world is filled with vacation spots that are waiting to welcome foreigners with open arms.

Those misconceptions will melt away as soon as you are greeted by the people in the places you decide to visit.

It will be easy to see how kind people can be to foreigners and how interesting different cultures can be. Taking a vacation in another land is as much about exploring the world as it is about igniting a revolution of thought within each person that is willing to travel.




Another unique way to incorporate travel into your life is to study abroad. One of our writers had no regrets about studying abroad.

Why Travel is Important:

As alluded to earlier, traveling has a magical way of opening people’s minds and changing perspectives.

Some people are inspired to change the world through art, while others are inspired to act to help others. People feel empathetic towards the troubles of others in a significant way when they are exposed to it. The following are other benefits travelers may receive:

cultural openness

Sometimes, people develop misconceptions about people from other places. These
misconceptions are sometimes negative and can lead to improper thoughts, which can all be eliminated by simply meeting new people from different parts of the world.

In essence, a person’s ability to really connect with people who are culturally different is refined and ends up making the traveler a better person.

confidence booster

Being able to overcome the fear of uncertainty and successfully navigating a new place and culture does a lot for your own self-esteem. It tells your mind that you can do much more than you thought possible. This newfound confidence could do a lot for a person in life or in their
career, and it is all thanks to traveling abroad.

Improves communication

We know that communication can be a little hard, especially if the traveler doesn’t know the language, but this also puts the person in the position of being forced to learn a few new words.

Sure, picking up a new language in a short period of time may be difficult, but that doesn’t mean a person won’t learn to communicate by talking to people until they find one that can translate for them. Being forced to socialize improves your communication skills, and that is always a good thing.

Communication, boosting your confidence and becoming culturally aware are all such valuable bi-products of travel.  If you are travelling solo, you will find these values grow even more abundantly.  Here’s my 8 tips for travelling alone.

Travel is an enriching experience and a beautiful thing to take a risk on. Hopefully, some of these points make that clear for those who are still on the fence about taking a trip abroad.

How did travel impact your life? Comment below.

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