The photo of a woman’s engagement ring has gone viral, but for all the wrong reasons. Denise Mercedes, a fashion blogger and plus-sized model in New Jersey, shared a cute photo of her engagement ring.

It went mostly unnoticed, until The Shade Room picked up the image and shared it on their social media pages. They asked their readers how they would respond if their man popped the question with a ring that had a diamond that small in size. In no time, a torrent of comments flooded in.

Many people said that the size of the ring isn’t really that important, and they would marry the man if they loved him. But many more said that with a ring that size, they would definitely say no, and would even tell their fiancees to get them a bigger rock.

Mercedes learnt about the Internet’s response to her photo, and she was shocked by how mean and materialistic people are. She posted her thoughts on people’s responses on her blog, mentioning that this was a promise ring given to her by her boyfriend, Deyder. He wanted to marry her, but had vowed to wait until she finished school.

It was a nice, romantic gesture, but the Internet ruined it. Mercedes was deeply hurt when her boyfriend, embarrassed, asked her if she liked the ring and if he should get her a bigger one.

The people who made the mean comments about Mercerdes’ ring should be ashamed of themselves. The ring is a symbol of love, no matter its size.

A woman getting engaged should be a cause for celebration, not a reason to put her down. A big-sized diamond doesn’t mean a man will love a woman more than a small-sized one. He’s a regular guy; not a celebrity with money to burn. Just my opinion, what do you think?