Two women are wanted by the D.C. Metro Police Department after they were caught on camera sexually harassing a man while they were inside a convenience store in Washington DC. The incident occurred on October 7 at the store, which is located along the 1700 block of New York Avenue, NE.

The DC police have released the video in the hopes that members of the public will be able to identify the two women who were clearly harassing a man who was minding his own business.

On the video, capturing the 4 p.m. incident, you can see the women, who were wearing high heels and skin-tight dresses, approaching the man. He was holding money and talking on his phone when he stopped near one of them. This woman backed up and immediately tried to twerk on him. However, the man wasn’t interested. He backed away from her.

The second woman apparently saw this as her cue to make a move on him. She approached him like some animal in heat and tried to feel him up. She tried to grab his cash and phone, but the man wasn’t letting go.

When she saw that this also wasn’t working, she put her arm around his waist and tried to kiss him by force. But the man kept moving away from her, until she finally gave up.

The police have the right idea in looking for these women. But they should arrest them for more than just sexual harassment.

These aren’t sex-starved women who are desperate for a man. And regular prostitutes would have tried to negotiate with him first. With those skimpy clothes, they can easily find a man who’s willing.

No, they were trying to rob the man. The first woman who twerked on him was probably trying to distract him while the second one came and picked his pocket. But when this didn’t work, the second woman probably grew desperate.

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