The female orgasm has long been a topic of interest. Undoubtedly it’s the worst kept secret that many women fake their orgasms so some of the findings of the latest survey done by Cosmopolitan are already  familiar but it’s always good to have numbers to argue with some amount of credibility if the opportunity presents itself. Now we are only revealing a fraction of the survey so for the full report you can check Cosmopolitan.

The survey revealed that one third of all women fake it. Of the 2300 participants 67% admitted to putting on a show. Of that number 28% said they did it because they wanted to spare their partner’s feelings while 27% just wanted to get it to be done already, then there was the 42% who stated that they did it or both reasons.

A staggering 78% stated that their partners cared about pleasuring them, yet of that amount 72% admitted that the partner didn’t bother to help them get there. (What’s up with that though?) This doesn’t look good for the men at all, or is it the men are clueless that their women are just playing it up?

Some comments in the thread over at MailOnline  read like this:

Maybe it is the women who should work on their technique, all us guys seem to manage it without any problem”

If I’m done before she is its her loss not my problem” 

To be honest, I don’t know any men who “care” if a woman has an organism or not. That’s not what’s on our mind at the time. If she does have one, good for her. If she doesn’t have one, well, better luck next time.”

Wow! I can’t say I’m surprised but seeing it written out like that does kinda make a girl feel some type  of way. I mean it took some amount of thought and effort to not only phrase the responses but to type them out as well, so if I was going by this alone I’d say chivalry, romance and all that good stuff is dead. Thank God there are still a few good men!

Now many of us grew up sneaking out mom’s Mills & Boons from under the floor boards (Mhm don’t act like you don’t know now) and grew up on fairy tales that tell us about magical happily ever afters so more than likely we’ve built up high expectations.

Still yet, there are still many who are haunted by molestation and rape so much so that even though years may have gone by and marriages and kids have happened, intimacy can be hard to attain (Of course I doubt that inconsiderate pricks would take that into consideration.)