If you get divorced after 29 years of marriage, it’s reasonable to expect spousal support especially if you’re husband happens to make millions. Lakers coach Byron Scott’s wife is taking what she needs for “support” to a whole new level.

The couple filed for divorce earlier in 2014 but details have recently emerged about what Anita Scott is asking from the judge to “maintain her lifestyle”. Keep in mind while checking out some of these outrageous requests Scott’s net worth is estimated at 5 million and he recently signed a 17 million contract extension after the marriage. Scott made some money in his playing days but that’s nothing compared to what players make today.

That’s with an “M” for million Anita, not a “B” for billion. Ok, that’s so Byron still has quite a bit of money, but not when you see what she’s asking for!

For starters, legal documents cite that Anita feels her current 3-bedroom condo in Culver City, CA is just too small for her needs. She’s used to living in an 8-bedroom New Jersey mansion, seven bedroom New Orleans home, as well as an upscale 4-bedroom apartment in downtown Cleveland. Poor Anita..how does she get by?

She claimed to the judge that her current residence is “not comparable to the lavish and spacious homes we purchased during the marriage.” Give me a break.

Next on the list of Anita’s must have is shopping sprees with no spending limit at Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci. I mean, how could you go a few months wearing the same clothes all the time?

Anita also asked the judge for at least $1,500 a month not for rent or groceries but a litany of hair salon visits, manis, pedis, spa days, and facials. While we’re on the topic of luxuries, Anita said she just can’t do without trips to the Bahamas with first class travel and accommodations.

Divorce can be ugly, and wives certainly deserve their fair share regardless of work or financial contributions to the marriage. These requests are simply ridiculous and make Anita Scott look like a spoiled brat living in her own world.