Nicki Minaj And Meek MillsIn a post just a day ago we advised Nicki that she needs to leave Meek Mills. We did this in jest, obviously we are in no way capable of advising Nicki Minaj on her love life. But hey we gave it a shot.

Well as if by some miracle there was an article that came out today saying that Nicki dumped Meek over the battle he is having with Drake. We are definitely taking this news with a grain of salt, the DailyMail is not considered a 100% credible source. Anyway according to them:

Nicki reportedly broke it off with Meek LAST NIGHT. Don’t worry concertgoers . . . they are still of GOOD TERMS – at least NICKI IS with Meek. The two plan on FULFILLING the rest of the tour obligations together.

But as for their relationship . .. . it’s a WRAP.

What caused the BREAKUP . . . and why did it happen LAST NIGHT . . . shortly after Meek Mill’s new diss track FLOPPED?? According to one of Nicki’s BEST FRIENDS, “It’s complicated. I think they took their relationship too far, too fast.” Nicki’s homie REFUSED to say whether the Drake WAR had anything to do with it.

All jokes aside if this were true we would not be surprised and here is why. Nicki Minaj knows how important it is to remain credible as a woman in the rap game. She has been working way to hard to gain prominence, to set herself apart from her competitors, to be attached to this sort of thing.

Nicki is a smart girl and at the end of the day her career is way more important that this silly little beef the guys are having. Meek Mills has some growing to do, the biggest lesson being, staying in your lane and not depending on other people to push your craft.

Nicki Minaj can teach him that so if they did break up and were on good terms, he can at least learn a thing or two from her. What do you all think? Did they actually break up, comment below?