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The 16 Worst Hair Cuts of All Times

The Angry Birds Guy (Possibly the lover of ‘the oreo lady’)The Oreo LadyMaybe it looks better when it’s unzippedLegoheadHe is the king of discoPonytails are out, rattails are inCan You Play That?The Chuck Norris FanboyDude, you got poop on your head.The comb guy”It was too hard to find my ears so I cut my hair.”She does not look happy with it either‘He is pretty hot with that hair’ said no girl ever.She auditioned for The Lion KingVoldemort in disguise?Sh*t...

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15 Shocking Things That Doctors Have Found Inside Patients

30 magnets inside child.More than 350 coins found inside 62 year old patient in France.Buzz Lightyear toy found inside child’s stomach.Coke bottle found inside man colon.A girl swallowed a bunch of cobblestones after getting angry with her boyfriend.78 pieces of cutlery in woman’s stomach.A man denied getting a bottle “lost” in his rectum and trying to retrieve it with a wire hanger.The story behind this photo is a man apparently swallowed a cockroach and then a fork to try to get it.Aerosol can inside mans rectum.Pair of scissors that were swallowed.Gun found in a man’s rectum.Numerous amounts of kitchen...

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9 Of The Worst Hairstyles You Have Ever Seen – #5 What Were You Thinking?!

When people try to make the “rat tail” really a rat tail.When trying to be different goes wrong!Fixes for a receding hair line? Yikes!Horizontal mohawk? eek!His style looks like… well yeah =/Who told Robert Pattinson that this was ok?I bet his friends told him this would turn into a trend smhPoints for creativity but really dude?!Not sure what look he was going for with this...

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