Wear dress shoes sometimes



You would rather wear sneakers but we merely suggest dressing up a bit in case the place we are going to has some strict sneaker policy. Who wants to be turned away because you couldn’t just change your shoes.

Dry and put the dishes away after washing

Jason dundas

Jason dundas

Ok.. great you washed the dishes but whats the point of just leaving them laying around wet. Now instead of a complete job, its half as**ed and I might have to re do it.

If you say you are going to fix it, just fix it

handy man

Yes you might do the job 6 months from now, but if that’s the case I may as well just call a handyman *wink*

Liking other girls pics on Instagram


It is just a click, we get it, but lets say we turned things around and we went around liking dudes pictures… hmmm then what?

Man spread everywhere

man spread


I swear men take this to a whole other level, nobody needs to have their legs open that wide all the time ever!

Always forgetting milestones

I remember your birthday and our anniversary, last time I checked you were there the day we got together, why do you always forget?

Trying to put it in places we haven’t talked about yet

Yea about that! – What if we did that to you?

Watch football Sunday, Monday, Saturday and complain when we want just Thursday

Can we have one day of the week when we get to watch what we like? Just one day!

Commenting on my friends butt

I can talk about her butt, you cannot! – Do not talk about my friends physical appearance its just distasteful!

Looking at their phone and then asking “What?” When we said like…. everything!

So annoying!



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