We live in an age where we are our own brands, especially young professionals. Nowadays, building your brand is simple because of social media.

However, this is a double-edged sword. As much as social media can get you seen and land you a better job or new clients, it can also send your career down the drain. So, here are 4 things you must never do on social media if you value your career.

1. Linking yourself to something illegal

Do you like weed? Good for you. Just don’t let the whole world know. If your employer or client (current or potential) sees this, they’ll back the hell away from you, because if you’re brave enough to post that on social media, you are probably proud of breaking the law. So, here’s a tip: if you can’t tell it to the police, don’t share it on Facebook.

2. Always venting

Some people use social media to let out all their anger and frustrations. Don’t be one of those people. Your Facebook or Twitter account should never have more negatives or positives.

It will give the impression that you’ll complain about everything, including work. Professionals and negative attitudes don’t mix, so try to stay positive.

If something’s pissed you off, talk about it with your friends or loved ones. If it’s something work-related that’s pissing you off, you should be even more cautious. Employers won’t hire people who might criticize them, no matter their qualifications.

3. Don’t court controversy

It’s good to have a clear opinion on things. However, there’s a line you shouldn’t cross. If you don’t like a particular religion or race, keep it to yourself.

Potential employers are automatically put off by anyone who seems like they might be an extremist. Except, of course, if they are extremists themselves and want to recruit you to their cause.

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4. Sharing everything

Social media is all about sharing. Just not everything. There are details that should just remain in your personal life. This includes personal issues, relationship problems and even explicit or unflattering photos.

If you were drinking last night and you blacked out or puked all over yourself, there’s no need for your current or future employer to know that. The less unprofessional you seem, the less seriously you’ll be taken.

4 Things Young Professionals Must Never Do On Social Media


Social media can be our worst enemy sometimes. Read this post to know the 4 things you should never do on social media especially as a professional

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