We talk about you all the time you know, at our little girl night out shindigs, glasses at least half full with wine, pillows all over the floor and at least 4 to 5 of our best girlfriends babbling about our worse dates ever.

The truth is we want guys to do well on a date, we would much prefer  to share the good stories, the ones where the guy opened the car door for us and made sure we were safe, or brought us a single flower on the first date or even the guy that prefers to call not just text all the time.

The sad truth is it seems like what we want and what guys think we want are usually so far apart single women have almost given up on dating. Who wants to muddle through 6 awkward dates just to get to one great one? It is way too stressful and a waste of decent shoes, but still we try!

Maybe its easier if we just tell you what we want, so if you are an awkward guy trying to date and equally awkward girl, here are 5 tips you need to keep in mind

1. Hug on the first date

Mommy probably told you its best to knock on the door and then offer her your hand like you would when you first meet your college professor, but the truth is the best thing to do is go in for the hug.

We would have assumed that you smell great and all that, so when you go in for the hug, make sure its a firm one, keep your hands in the most appropriate place and smile, women love smiles.

Smiling signifies confidence, it helps with any nervousness and you have just taken command of the situation, what more could a woman ask for.

2. After date number 1 ask for date number 2

There really is no point in going on one date and then waiting to see what happens. If you want to see her again, ask her out again you have to take the risk to move forward if you decide that is what you want, so call her up ASAP and ask.

3. Don’t text all the time

Sheesh, if you are interested please don’t type out your life story on a 4 inch Apple device, pick up the phone and call her. Women like phone calls, and don’t call when you have a million things going on, the last thing we need to hear is “hold on”, 50 thousand times in 10 minutes.

4. Ditch dinner go for ice cream

Traditional dates are cool, dinner, movie, that sort of thing, but what if you kept things simple and tried something different for the first date. Maybe something as simple as going to get ice cream or taking her to your favorite art class. Something that she will remember and tell her friends about, you wont regret it.

5. Take charge on the date

Hold her hand when you are crossing the street, call her name in conversation, walk her to her car or to her door, things like that will get you at the top of her list of priorities fast. chivalry might be dead for you but it is alive and well for us so if you want to make an impression make sure you are a gentleman.

6. Grow the eff up

Listen, if you have a room mate or live with your mom that’s ok but if you really want to take this dating thing to the next level you need to be ready to receive and living alone is the best way.

Additionally, don’t dress or act like an immature brat, wear a tie, its no big deal she will like it, and check that ego shit at your door before you even head out to pick her up, be yourself, a woman can see ego a mile away and most time it isn’t charming.

That’s it, what advice have you given a guy trying to date recently?

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