Whatever mobile device you’re using, there are some apps that are guaranteed to make your life easier. Take a look at these six innovative apps which belong in every woman’s phone or tablet.

1. Bad Date Rescue App

bad date rescue
As long as you’re dating, there is going to be that one date that makes you count down the clock as you wait for it to end. Save yourself the torment by getting this app.

It lets you schedule a fake call and fake an emergency to rescue you from your disastrous night out. If you want to give your date a chance, you can just snooze or decline the call.

2. Mulberry

Mulberry app
Do you like handbags? Does the mention of the latest release make you salivate? Then this app is for you. It offers a collection of all types of handbags to feast your eyes on. If you love what you see, you can even buy a bag directly from the app.

3. Stylish Girl

Finding what top goes best with those new pants you bought might be a headache. This app lets you upload photos of the clothes you have and pair them with accessories and clothes from various online stores.

This saves you from wasting time at the mall finding clothes that make you look perfect as you can do all that straight from your phone.


4. Shazam

There’s always that song we hear on the radio—or a club, or party—that we instantly love but we don’t know what it’s called or who sang it.

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The next time this happens, use Shazam. The app listens to the song and instantly identifies the artiste and title of the song.

5. Gilt

Have you ever wanted to own clothes made by the best and most popular designer brands, but just cannot afford them? This is where Gilt comes in.

The app sells designer clothes at deals of up to 60%. There’s always a deal, so you can make your wardrobe high-end without breaking the bank.

6. Hair Color Booth

Have you ever wanted to change your hair color but you didn’t know if you’d look good? Well, now you can check how you look without the need to instantly die your hair back to the way it was. Hair Color Booth lets you upload a photo of yourself and change your hair into different colors. It’s a fun app to use, and it can even surprise you if you discover a color that looks stunning on you.

6 Apps Every Woman Should Have On Their Smart Phone


Here are 6 Apps Every Woman Should Have Installed.

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