I am not ashamed to say I have had a love affair with jerk pork for a very long time. The thought of becoming vegan years ago was as as far fetched as me going to the moon. But I got older, I had a baby and things started to look rather odd in various places on my body.

Weight struggle is nothing new for me, I am not new to the diet game, I have been working out since I was 16 years old but nutritionally I have found nothing that worked long term to keep the weight off.

I often wondered what would do it for me finally, what lifestyle could I adopt that would solve all my weight problems, make me strong, and at the same time allow me to kill it in the gym.

I have tried everything, name one thing I haven’t tried and I will eat my shoes right now, I promise you. The only thing that has worked that makes me the most comfortable is adopting a low fat vegan lifestyle, here are 6 reasons why.

1. There is no calorie counting

I’ll be dammed if I count the calories on a huge bowl of spinach topped off with my favorite home made ginger dressing. It just doesn’t matter how much your eat, your body craves and needs healthy green vegetables packed with fiber, protein and vitamins.

I hate counting every little thing, this way I can go for seconds and not have to explain it at a weekly meeting to a “non nutritionist”. I do not want to count, weigh, section off, starve or do anything of that nature, I prefer to just eat what is good for me period, with no fuss.

2. I am strong

Healthy grains, starchy vegetables and fruits are the best thing for a powerful workout in the gym. Have you tried Quinoa yet?

Girl get your life with this grain, add some healthy vegetables and a little curry, you will wonder why you every ate processed food in the first place.

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3. Meat was holding me back

I never knew it before but my body actually prefers to get protein from other sources other than meat. It was the answer to all my diet issues, who would have thought? So I had to give up the jerk pork and chicken but I saw sustainable results, finally!

Not to mention after watching Food Inc and Forks over Knives, we need to do our part with protecting our animals and saving our farms.

4. I sleep better

When you have digestion issues you can’t sleep, you toss and turn and instead of focusing on what we eat we always look at the medicine cabinet for help.

I have had the best sleep of my life since I got rid of all the bloat and hurt, I wake up refreshed and ready to start another healthy day of abundance.

5. My skin and hair loves it

There is nothing like glowing skin and healthy hair when you arent even trying. Juicing, drinking water and eating a ton of water filled fruits and vegetables have me wondering why we even have skin products and conditioner. I’m not crazy, I still use that stuff, its just great to have a little help.

6. I will finally meet my goals

When you get older you have a sudden urge to live the best life you can, you are less reckless and daring (maybe) I feel better healthy, I look better healthy and I want to be here for years to come running after my son. This lifestyle isn’t perfect but it makes me happy, it is perfect for me for now.

Are you vegan? Sound off!


6 Reasons A Low Fat Vegan Lifestyle Is The Best


This post lists 6 reasons adopting a low fat vegan lifestyle will give me the body I have always wanted.

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