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Tom Hanks has two sons, and Chester seems to be the one that has caught the eyes of many of us girls. He is super hot!




Ice Cube

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O’shea Jackson recently had the honor of playing his dad in the movie Compton and we loved every minute of it. Not to mention he cleans up very well!


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David John Washington took the world by storm with a few selfies on social media. We were all floored at how cute he was but considering his dad, I am not sure why any of us were surprised.


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Jude Laws son Rafferty is just the younger version of him and who didn’t have a crush on Jude Law? His son is just as gorgeous!

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Patrick Schwarzenegger is hottie and when he had his stint with Miley we all silently hoping he would come out of that relationship alive. Regardless of his choices in women he is adorable!

Scott Eastwood

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They say Scott Eastwood has the same quiet demeanor as his dad Clint Eastwood which is arguable a very sexy trait. It does help that he looks great!


Will Smith and Family

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Will Smith’s oldest son from his first marriage is one handsome boy! Trey “AcE” Smith is in the music business like dad was and growing up to be quite the hottie.

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