Alicia Keys is on the cover of Time Out New York magazine where she opens up about her upcoming revolutionary album. In the magazine she dishes about her new LP and says it is nothing like she has ever done before:

“This is a conversation between all of us [about] what we’re going through as women, men, young people who want to change the planet, people who are sick of being silenced,” the Grammy Award winner said.

The album will be produced by husband Swizz Beatz, and Pharrell Williams  and writer-producer Mark Batson.

“There’s only one of each of us in the whole world,” she says. “Only one. If we just look at each other and celebrate that, we can meet each other where we are. How dope is that?” – She says

Time Out New York writer Eve Barlow describes what she thought about the Album after listening to it for the first time.

Elsewhere, the music is gospel, driven by classic soul. There’s a retro song about pawning all her material wealth, a cascading arpeggiated track painting images of heroin users, cockroach-infested slums and gritty reality. It’s a record about unrealistic projections of identity, success and happiness.

Alicia said:

It’s an imperative time to be loud. We’re not going to be silenced. All of us are battling wars: sexism, ageism, racism. We’re fighting the war of borders. We’re fighting a war as women. As a black woman raising black sons, I’m seeing so much systemic racism exploding in our faces.

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These days you have to be afraid to be killed just because you’re black! It’s devastating.” She breathes. “Outrageous statements are made out of fear and hate. The intolerance is not acceptable. It’s ancient and patriarchal. The way to propel our country forward is not by building walls. Anyone that thinks that is out of their mind.”

“I did have to find my freedom. There comes a time when you have to become a woman, stand on your own two feet. That’s why this music has such a surprising, relentless, raw New York energy.”

Fans will get a taste of Alicia’s new album at a surprise show in NYC on October 9th and we  will see what Alicia has in store pretty soon.

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