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Author: lcabinda

He Tried To Force Me To Have Sex Without A Condom

  He was sexy. He had dark, tanned skin, a 5 o’clock shadow, crew cut and piercing turquoise eyes that pulled you in and left you dizzy after looking. His smile was as sharp as a wolf’s, and I paid no mind to the alligator teeth. We met at a party off campus, and after a couple hours of schmoozing we went back to my place. As we got into my bedroom, hands furtively caressing each others’ bodies as we made out under the amber light of my desk lamp, I pulled my lips from his and asked if...

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I Dated a 28 Year Old When I Was 18 And It Was So Perfect I Ended It

Dear Urban Gyal, I am really hoping my ex sees this story! I was eighteen. He was twenty-eight. We met at a party during college when he came up to me and asked me if I was Brazilian. I attributed his question to the long tresses of Brazilian curly weave I had freshly installed and thanked my hairdresser silently. My answer was a coquettish “No,” which I followed with a compliment to his own curly locks. I touched one of his curls and asked him where he was from. He answered that he was Spanish, with the signature Spanish...

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I Got Roofied By A Girl In An Art Gallery

It started out as just a normal night out with two of my girlfriends. During Miami’s infamous Art Basel Week we decided to go to a special event being hosted at an art gallery in Wynwood, Miami’s Midtown art district. The event showcased a talented lineup of artists’ work, the spotlight of which was a Burning Man exhibit that featured colorful, LED-lit art installations that were interactive. After taking a walk around the gallery and even wandering through the color-changing LED plastic tube tentacles of a giant, hanging jellyfish, me and my girls made a bee-line for our first...

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