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24 Funny Food “Nailed It” Fails

The internet is a great resource for recipes, craft and food decoration ideas. But with all the uber talented aspiring chefs sharing their “easy” decoration ideas, many have taken on the challenge with hilarious results. Check out the gallery…....

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13 Of The Hottest Guys On Prime Time TV Right Now

Tony Goldwyn – President “Fitz” Fitzgerald Grant – ScandalTaylor Kinney – Kelly Severide – Chicago FireBarry Sloane – Aiden Mathis – RevengeBilly Brown – Nate Lahey – How to Get Away with MurderJoshua Bowman – Daniel Grayson – RevengeJared Padalecki – Sam Winchester – SupernaturalJason George – Dr. Ben Warren – Grey’s AnatomyBrian White – Blair – MistressesJesse Williams – Dr. Jackson Avery – Grey’s AnatomyRicky Whittle – Daniel – MistressesStephen Amell – Oliver Queen – ArrowIan Somerhalder – Damon Salvatore – The Vampire DiariesJustin Baldoni – Rafael Solano – Jane the...

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10 Adorable Celebrity Pets You Just Have To See

Beau (Hilary Duff)Asia Kinney (Lady Gaga) - Asia is also a model for Coach.Pepe (Rihanna) - Rihanna recently adopted this little puppy. She found him in a club bathroom.Koji (Lady Gaga) - He is Asia’s ‘brother’.Meredith Grey the cat (Taylor Swift) - Taylor Swift named this cute cat after Grey’s Anatomy’s Meredith Grey.Norm (Kylie Jenner)Olivia Benson the cat (Taylor Swift) - She is named after the Law & Order Character Olivia Benson.Baxter (Ryan Reynolds)George (Ryan Gosling)Pearl (Lea...

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8 Things You Should Never Do On A First Date

Get drunk. – Having too much to drink around your date may cause you to say embarrassing things and do some things you may regret. Take it easy! Question your date’s assets – You may have a checklist. but be cool. You don’t want to seem shallow and too ambitious during the dating process. Remain focused on getting to know them and your answers will come.Order expensive food– Be courteous by ordering a reasonable priced meal or suggest a date that doesn’t require loads of funds.Discuss your Ex – Don’t care how positive it may be. Just don’t. Its all about you and your date. Even if they insist on you talking about it. Let it be known that you prefer not to talk your ex. Pretend. – Go ahead and give them your true, authentic self. Shamelessly be you. They can either take it or leave it. Discuss heavy topics like marriage – Yes, you’re on a date to get to know each other, but dates are all about having a good time with the person. If you feel a topic might dampen the mood, then just don’t talk about it.Sleep with them. – I mean that’s what is kinda expected on a date right? Getting the goods? Let’s be different. Most people like a challenge. Keep your clothes on and legs closed. It’s well worth the...

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