Adrian Peterson

It’s official: Vikings star Adrian Peterson isn’t playing any football for a while. The running back recently appealed against a league suspension for violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy. You know, when he beat up his 4-year-old son with a branch.

The arbitrator, ex-NFL exec Harold Henderson, heard Peterson’s appeal, and he wasn’t satisfied with Peterson’s defense. In his ruling, he concluded that the NFL player failed to demonstrate how the process and surrounding his punishment weren’t fair or consistent. Considering a normal person would be in jail right now, you have to admit Peterson got off easily.

The only way for Peterson to get an appeal now is to go to federal court, and he’s said that’s going to be his next step. However, pursuing legal action might delay his reinstatement into the team. It’s a risk, but one he seems willing to take.

Peterson hasn’t played since Week 1, and it looks like he’ll finish the season without any more game time.

What I don’t get is this: Peterson avoided a jail sentence by agreeing to the plea deal he’s currently serving. Why is he complaining about a deal he agreed to?

The guy could be in prison right now! And to make matters worse, he’s on paid leave. The Vikings have already paid Peterson his guaranteed $36 million from the contract he signed with them.

If they still want to play him next season, he’ll get another $12.75 million. Financially, life great for the son-beater. And come the 2015 season, he’ll be back in the game, everything forgiven.

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He won’t even serve the further three-game suspension at the start of 2015. Instead, he’ll be fined three games from this season’s salary. But this news is apparently so depressing to 2012’s NFL MVP that he’s now considering retiring from the game.

Maybe Ray Rice has something to do with this, though. Rice won his appeal of an indefinite suspension from the NFL and he’s been reinstated. He can now sign with any team he wants. This must irk for a fellow domestic violence perpetrator.

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