What’s love got to do with it? Nothing for me, at least anyway. It seems that ever since I’ve hit my 20’s, I haven’t been able to grasp the concept of love. What it is? Why would anyone want to be in it? What does it mean to me and how would I actually know I was “in” it?

Perhaps the mere thought of love, its complexities and (very) personal definitions are way too deep for me to understand at this very trying point of my life. You know, because I’m still trying to figure out who I am, what I truly want to do and where I fit in.

While on Facebook earlier today, I stumbled across an article on what it means to be a Quiromantic. The term describes a person who is unable to tell the difference between romantic and platonic attraction. Further digging led me to another romantic orientation, and one that I believe resonates with me heavily, making sense of how I approach my romantic relationships.

Cue aromanticism. An aromantic person is defined as an individual who experiences little or no romantic attraction to others. We’re indifferent, maybe a bit indecisive but certainly not interested in the notion of falling in love.

Discovering this felt nothing short of revolutionary! I should have known that my indifference to relationships would be a thing, but it feels good to know that there is a community of people who I can relate to.

Now, hear me out. I’m not some cold-hearted beeatch who has been emotionally destroyed beyond repair by the proverbial fboy. I enjoy romance but have an extremely hard time generating romantic feelings for the men I’m interested in.

I enjoy relationships, to an extent but never feel compelled to be in one. Rather, I question them and almost get annoyed at the thought of being “committed” to any one person. In fact, the idea of being single forever doesn’t sound half-bad.

I want children, but I don’t care to get married. My love life is genuinely a huge toss-up. If we happen to make something work, awesome. If not, I couldn’t care less. I’ll wish you eternal happiness and hope that we can remain friends.

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Whether I have always been this way, or have in a sense been “groomed” into thinking this way due to my cumulative romantic and sexual experiences, I’m not too sure of. That takes further exploration and is a story for another day.

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