Everybody has their own obsessions, problems and issues. We all have. These bad habits keep us from enjoying our lives. However, we have enough problems already.

Creating new ones, especially these obsessions, will not help solving the current ones. Instead, they will make things harder. We created a list for you to get rid of some of these bad habits. If you free yourself from these, we are sure life will get easy.

1. Complaining about your size

Fitting into that pair of jeans will not make you the happiest person. As long as you are healthy, dieting constantly is not your solution. Love your body.

The entertainment industry has shown the skinny as the ideal body type but this is changing. Your ideal body type is the healthiest one. Do not run from the mirrors, love the mirrors.

2.  Hiding your true self

Your tastes, your laugh, your opinions, your way… Do not hide them just to make yourself accepted by some people. Let/find people who love you the way you are. This will cause huge problems with your identity later in your life.

3. Wasting your time on worthless guys

Deep down you know if he is good for you or not. If you continue to be in a sick relationship where you cannot get what you give, you won’t be happy.

How hard you try, you will be the one who ends up being sad. So leave him, even better do not approach these guys in the first place. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

4. Postponing your dreams

Whether it’s taking that culinary course, writing that novel, traveling the world or moving to another city/country, take time for your dreams. Create a budget, plan it or do it spontaneously if you can. But “never let anything get in the way of your dreams” and do not stop dreaming.

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5. Putting yourself second

Being selfish may not be the ideal way of living your life but when it comes to some certain points in your life, you gotta put yourself first. Learn how to say no. Take some time alone and listen to yourself. If you wanna make someone happy, make yourself happy first.

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