It is true what they say: “you are what you eat.” A healthy diet is the way to being a healthy person and it is not something you should consider when you are sick or trying to lose weight. You need to see it as a way of living.

If you are wondering how to eat healthy, you can start with eliminating dangerous foods from your diet. Here is a list of common foods you should never eat.

1. Bread

Bread may be the main ingredient of your every meal throughout the day but it is not as safe as it looks. First of all, the wheat we produce today is much different than the one people use a few decades ago.

Additionally, a chemical, called potassium bromate, is used when baking and it causes various cancer types. Go for places which use organic wheat flour and do not use additives or try baking your own.

2. Margarine and vegetable oils

Because of its trans fat content, margarine should be out of your shopping list. It increases the chance of developing cardiovascular diseases and type two diabetes. Opt for butter in small portions.

3. Artificial sweeteners and diet sodas

Trying to avoid consuming sugar? Good for you but artificial sweeteners and diet sodas are not your friends. They make you even hungrier and cause weight gain. Use honey to sweeten your food and beverages if you don’t like to consume sugar.

4. Microwave popcorn

Microwave popcorn is GMO and contains high levels of sodium and fat. Whats even more dangerous is that the packaging is coated with perfluorooctane sulfonic acid which releases toxins when it’s heated – obviously every time. We suggest popping your own corn that you can buy from organic markets.

5. Fruit juices

The fruit juices found in markets are pasteurized and once you heat the fruit juice it loses all the vitamins and minerals. You can make your own fresh juice at home but if consumed regularly in large amounts, fruit juices do more harm than good.

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If you have a desire to be healthy, here are 5 foods you should just plain and simple avoid

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