National Head Wrap day just past and as we scroll through the selfies again we really cannot see why we cant have this every month. Can we start a petition? Here are 15 reasons we should celebrate #nationalheadwrapday monthly

Because this!



Because mommys and daughters wore matching wraps and we were all like.. aawwwww:@Jfashiongirl87 1




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Because the babies!@Jfashiongirl87





Because cranberry head wraps and lippies are darling together@melanatedmakeup



Because that selfie life was turned all the way up@shylakberry



Because fierce honey!@sweetkingjazzybaptiste



Because queen behavior!head wrap day


Because girl — yaaaaaaasss





Because we all learned how to do this flawlessly!



Because we know how to kill it!



Because it gives us the chance to share our talents

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Because we love head wraps and head wrap selfies are awesome!

head wrap

16 Stunning Head Wraps From #Nationalheadwrapday


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