Wear Your Voice magazine is the latest publication trying to promote a positive body image regardless of what you look like. They have launched their #BeyondBeauty campaign, which features 18 women with a variety of body types.

WYD  explained their vision:

“There is absolutely nothing we hate more than a body negative campaign created to sell products/make money/thrive off capitalistic culture, disguised as a body positive campaign…Rather than just sit back and watch, Wear Your Voice knew that as a conscious media publication, we had a responsibility to step in.

We chose not to just speak the truth, but capture it in photographic form. We invited 18 women of all shapes, sizes, gender expressions, sexualities, and colors to participate in our body positive photo shoot in order to help us better represent a wider spectrum of bodies.”

On their vision

“Far extends beyond this one photoshoot–it is a campaign whose only selling point is self-love. We’re not endorsing a product, we are supporting authenticity in all its forms.

We are daring to look beyond this traditional and limiting idea of ‘beauty’ to see the strength that not only lies within, but that exudes from all.”

Check out some of the looks from the campaign:

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#BeyondBeauty: 9 Images That Celebrate Women Of All Body Types


Wear Your Voice magazine is promoting positive body image regardless of what you look like. They have launched their #BeyondBeauty campaign.

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