I know that this topic is a bit ‘eh, but the truth is we all do it so whats the big deal right? I was doing a bit of reading and came across an article that said Americans are the worse poopers on the planet.

Well that is a pretty outlandish allegation I thought, but after reading it, I realized that most of us might just be the worse poopers, not just Americans.

Regardless of who does it ‘better’ the important thing is, once we fix some of our bathroom ‘issues’, not only will it be great for our health but it will be great for the environment as well.

With that said, here are a few things we might be doing wrong and how we can fix them.

1. We sit instead of stoop

Our body is designed to eliminate in a stooping position rather than a seated one. Stooping allows the intestines to stretch out instead of cutting it off at certain point while sitting.

Not only will things flow faster but you can get more out, wouldn’t that be grand? To fix this, you can get what is called a squatty potty which raises the legs up while sitting so that you are essentially in a stooping position. If you do this you can reduce bloating, hemorrhoids and a whole host of other pelvic issues.

2. We wipe instead of washing

This is gross but if you get some poop on your hands would you get a piece of toilet paper and just wipe it off and go about your business? Hec no! you would get soap and water and wash your hands a million times until you get it all off and then wash again for good measure.

Why then do we wipe with a dry piece of toilet paper? What we need is a Bidet, which is pretty common in Caribbean and European homes. It is a special toilet looking contraption that once turned on shoots water upwards and is great for washing all your special parts, it even has a dryer for a hands free clean.

Using a bidet is better for the environment and prevents the spread of disease. Of course if you cannot install one just right this minute many of us use wipes instead of toilet paper. I do not know about you but I keep wipes everywhere!

When you want over all health we have to adjust everything, so this information is definitely worth considering. Happy healthy pooping ya’ll!


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