Nothing is constant but constant changes. Truer words have never been spoken especially when it comes to pop culture, technology, and fashion. Remember how cool shoulder pads were in the 80s?

How many times have you said to yourself, “Wow, I used to listen to garbage” or while looking at an old photo..”How did I ever think that was cool?”.

Well here’s a few things are popular today that we’re sure to look back in disbelief that were ever cool or useful.


Twerking has been around for awhile but Miley Cyrus might have ruined it everyone. People thought the Macarena was cool once too (it never was by the way) and look how funny that is now.

Physical Cash

Physical money has been going the way of the dodo for awhile. In fact only 1% of all of the money in the U.S. exists in cash and coins.

With things like Apple Pay already gaining popularity a cashless society could be here sooner than you might think.

The Kardashians

Love them or hate them they are probably the most famous family in the world right now. Once their reality show empire begins the crumble though people will look back and wonder why they ever watched these people in the first place and probably laugh at almost everything they wear.

Justin Beiber

Not  sure of this belongs on the list as many people already make of fun of this D-bag. Tweens and teens beware, you’ll hate yourself down the road for ever being into this walking joke. When will the madness end “Beebs”?

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The internet has officially hit selfie over saturation and people are just getting sick of this trend and the word itself. It’s probably not going away anytime soon but one day we’ll look back and won’t believe people used to this to themselves.

Cars that run on gas

Even though gas prices are low right now, wouldn’t be nice to pay zero? Hopefully technology will catch up and we’ll be driving solar power cars in a few years.

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