Being a single girl has its advantages sometimes but not having a significant other can cause some social and psychological problems as well.

Whether you are not into dating or you couldn’t find someone worth your time and effort, you are single and facing some problems. We see the pain you are in and prepared a list of seven problems only single “gyals” can relate.

1. You are sick of being the third wheel

After some point of life, it seems that all of your friends start to couple up and your “single nights” turn into you, your friend and his or her girl/boyfriend.

Everywhere you go, that best girl friend of yours brings her boyfriend and leaves you no choice but being the third wheel. The solution is simple, make some new friends to add to your circle.

2. You don’t want the 14th of February to come

Valentines day

Sure, it’s a great day to spend with someone special but when you are single that day becomes a lovely nightmare.

Heart shaped balloons, and pink and red ornaments everywhere. Couples make out, wine and dine, dance and have sex all day and it drives you crazy because you are single.

Go ahead and throw yourself a singles day party, invite all your single friends and celebrate just like everyone else. Who knows it might even become a tradition you will miss once you yourself get coupled up.

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3. You wanna punch everyone that pities you


“How long have you been single?” “Isn’t it hard not to have someone?” You are exhausted to hear these questions and everyone that says “You’ll find someone” (and you are sure that they think you will die alone).

Maybe you don’t want to find someone, be very clear that you are doing just fine especially if you are.

4. You don’t want your friends to be matchmakers

If you are one of the few single people in your gang or “God forbid” the last one, every time they see you, they all go matchmaker-matchmaker.

You can say “No, thanks I’d like to find my own boyfriend”. Don’t forget to smile and look confident. Embrace you single self. That’s the only way to shut them matchmakers down.

5. You are blamed for being too picky

“How can’t you date that guy?”, “Oh, he is perfect I don’t understand you and your excuses. You are too picky.” Yes, when the topic is finding someone to share your life with, you have to be picky, because at the end of the day you have to be with that person, not them

6. You are still not married


When you are talking with your mom, she never misses that topic about marriage. And your mom is not the only one, all the elder relatives are in need of seeing you tie the knot.

Tell them you career is more important and eventually you are going to get married. They may not understand but if they see that you are happy that might be all that they need to stop bringing up the topic.

How do you handle the issues that come with being single?

6 Single Gyal Problems That Only A Single Lady Can Relate With


Being a single girl has its advantages sometimes, but not having a boyfriend can cause problems. Here are 7 problems only single “gyals” cab relate with.

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